It all started...

When Lee, one of our co-founders moved to Colorado Springs, he was so excited to move to a new city and go explore downtown. Lee wanted to visit all the cool restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. What Lee didn’t realize is when you move, you don’t tend to know anyone. Lee went on to meet Meghan. Meghan had experience this same problem and too wanted to create a solution. This is what made Meghan craft up the idea for Trof. Meghan, Lee, Andrew, and Elijah,  all met and the rest is history.

Then the fun began...

The team and I began to make Trof a reality. During last quarter of 2017 we applied to The Garage incubator at UCCS. We spent all of 2018 coding away on Trof. Trof has been seen in many startup competitions, including Get in the Ring, an international startup competition. 


Trof’s mission to build a sense of community anywhere a user is at. Whether moving to a new city or just simply wanting to meet new people in your town, we got you. We want everyone, from the streets of Raleigh to the hills of Silicon Valley, to have an amazing friend group. Life takes a village to navigate through, and it can be difficult to build one. We like to say “we’re your best friend, for finding best friends” and we mean this.

Mad Scientists @ Trof

Lee Haider


Meghan Lunday

CMO - wears many hats

Elijah Salberg

CTO - Lead Developer

Andrew Stevenson


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“There is something profoundly satisfying about sharing a meal. Eating together, breaking bread together, is one of the oldest and most fundamentally unifying of human experiences.”​ – Barbara Coloroso

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