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Meet new people at your favorite restaurants.

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Building a sense of community.
Trof is a web and soon to be a mobile application that connects individuals who share similar interests at local restaurants. Discover new food and make new friends with Trof. With a push of a button, you can create a group to meet up at a local restaurant, or you can join someone else's. View everyone's interests and where they're from.

This is a simple one, anyone who wants to meet new people! Whether in your hometown or traveling the world, Trof is the best way to meet new people wherever you are.
Step 1: View/Create

Browse groups at your favorite nearby restaurants. Find a group who fancy's you and request to join.

Step 2: Request to Join

See a party you want to join? Perfect, request to join the party and wait to see if you get the golden ticket!

Step 3: Meet Up

You're getting the hang of it now! You've requested to join a rock start group and got accepted. Now all you have to do is show up to the restaurant at the given time and have a amazing time. Rinse, repeat.

Start Connecting Now!